It's amazing when others take a photo of never know what's going to be behind you...or what it looks like..this time, I think I found someone that knew how to use a camera!

Photos by Bryon

    Welcome to Photos by Bryon. As a Photographer, Musician, Vocalist, I spend my day time hours working in the Human Resource Development field. Please browse the galleries and enjoy! You can click on the links above to see my services. Keep checking back, I add new galleries every few week

    Creativity is not a foreign concept since the first days behind a camera lenses began as a young lad figuring out how a manual SLR camera his father brought actually worked. Bryon's education of what is a good photo came about developing tons of film – until the world went digital. After many adventures and travels a using a standard point and shoot digital camera in 2006, his adventure into digital photography was stepped up a notch a few years later. By his brother requesting to photograph thier wedding in 2008 - which lead to purchasing a real camera - this led to purchasing his first DSLR. It redefined the meaning of a snapshot vs photography, His artistic interests tend toward landscape and street photography and now moving towards doing portrait and event work. Every free moment he is out photographing the world especially since his enrollment in September 2011 into The Photography Institute online diploma program.

    Most of my work is available for sale, either in print form or as licensed images. If you have questions, or wish to order an image or print that you don't see in the print gallery, please email me bryon.ownby rockcreekstudios com.

    Yours truly...Bryon